Top 5 Best Taurine Supplements for Cats Reviews

Taurine Amino acids are building blocks for proteins and essential to the proper functioning of most of the body systems. It is critical to life, with over 20 types of amino acids present in the body.

Taurine is one of these types of amino acids. It has been found to play a very important role in the diet of cats. If your cat lacks this amino acid it may result in severe health repercussions such as blindness and tooth decay and amongst other things.

As Taurine is very important for pets we have created a list of best taurine supplements for cats.

  1. Taurine Tablets for Cats by PetAG

This bottle contains 100 tablets. Each of these tablets is full of taurine and other necessary vitamins. These are highly palatable and chewable tablet to use as a source of taurine for cats of all ages.

These tablets ensures adequate amount of taurine. It prevents disorders related to taurine deficiency like Feline central retinal degeneration. It also helps preventing dilated cardiomyopathy, reproductive dysfunction.

You can use this as supplement for feline mothers to prevent reproductive maladies associated with taurine deficiencies. Lack of taurine in cats even can lead your cats to have eye sight problems. These tablets can help make sure that doesn’t happen.

  1. Taurine Powder for Cats by Thomas Labs

This powder contains essential amino acids for you cats. It helps maintain your cat’s normal eye function. This powder is also great for maintaining your cat’s normal heart function.

This Taurine powder helps maintain the electrolyte balance and it promotes cardiovascular health in your cats. It also helps promoting your cat’s gastrointestinal function, and is known to be essential for cats.

This powder is also easy to use. It mixes very easily with water. Your cats can not synthesize Taurine from the amino acids, like most animals and even humans can. Which is why the supplementation of Taurine is required for most cats on a cooked or commercially processed diet.

  1. Elovite II with Taurine by Felvolite

This paste comes filled with taurine. Taurine deficiency is very damaging to your cat. Blindness can be caused by lack of taurine.

That is problematic because cats need strong eyes in order to function properly.

If your cat has asthma or sneezing problems then this paste is highly recommended. This paste is easily useable; you can simply mix this with your cat’s food. This paste also tastes great so you might not have any trouble feeding this to your cat.

  1. Taurine Supplement for Cats by VitaPaws

This glass bottle comes with 180 sprinkle capsules. These capsules contain taurine. Taurine is a unique essential amino acid that is involved in a range of metabolic processes.

The cats lack the ability to efficiently synthesize enough taurine to meet their metabolic needs. These capsules also support their heart health as well.
Taurine deficiency in cats can cause degenerative condition that can affect the hearts of cats.

This condition may results in an inability of the heart tissues to contract properly. This can also eventually lead to cardiac failure. These capsules can help stop that.

  1. Taurine Boost for Cats and Dogs by Herbssmith

This powder contains the amino acid taurine. It can help build the proteins concentrated in the heart muscle. This powder is also great for your cat’s eyes and brain.

This powder is perfect for the aging cat. This formula can provide their heart the support it needs. This powder can energize their hearts for years to come.

The taurine in the powders formula can help build proteins in your system. It contains L-Carnitine, Omega 3s, and COQ10 to help the body produce energy that stimulates the systems.

With this powder’s help each immune system is given extra support to help keep pets feeling their best.

So as you can see these taurine supplements are essential for your cat’s health. They can help boost your cat’s activity in more ways than one. It is also excellent for their overall health.

If you are looking for some type of food or vitamins or little something extra to add to your cat’s food or drink then look no farther. These five products are just what you need.