Top 5 Best Spiral Ruled Notebook Reviews

Notebooks can be used in many purposed. But most of the regular sized notebooks are ideal for school purposed, for college assignments etc. Here we have listed some notebooks that are spiral bind features. Some of them have hole-punched in case you want to use binder rings on them. All these notebooks are ruled on both sides. We have picked these by considering reviews and rating by customers.

  1. Spiral Notebook Wide Ruled by Mead

There are 4 spiral notebooks in one pack. So, you will receive notebooks that have 70 sheets in each. The paper size is 8 by 10.5 inch. There are 3 hole-punched for binder rings. Every notebook has color cover.

  1. 1-Subject Notebooks with Spiral bindings by Tops

You will get 6 note books in a pack. Every notebook has unique color cover to recognize subjects. The paper size is 8 by 10.5 inch. The notebooks are with spiral binding and got 3 hole punched for ring fitting. There are 70 sheets with wide-ruled.

  1. Hardcover Spiral Notebooks with 80 Sheets by Cambridge

The size of this notebook is 11 by 8 inch. Each notebook contains 80 double sided ruled sheets. There is a box in every page to put date to make your work more organized.

  1. Spiral Notebook with laminated cover by Gotcha Covered Notebooks

This is a notebook sized 11 by 8.5 inch. All notebooks include 120 pages (60 sheets) of durable, 60 lb. text-smooth papers. This product is made in the USA.

  1. Small spiral notebooks with Kraft Paper Covers by K-Kraft Kinder-Kraft

There will be 3 spiral-bound notebooks with Kraft paper covers and each notebook measures 5 by 7 inches. If you need a notebook that is smaller than regular size, this would be ideal for you. Each book contains 60 sheets with blue lines.

Where to buy Spiral Notebooks

Well, you can buy notebooks from any stationery store near you. Or another good option could be buying from online as you can pick from different brand with great ratings. If you need spiral notebooks in bulk for school supplies, you can also go for online as buying from online in bulk let you save some money.