Top 5 Best Organic Pine Pollen Powder Reviews

Pine pollen powder has many benefits that you might know. But here we would like to know some good benefits that you can get from pine pollen powder. It contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that can help you reduce post workout inflammation. It has all micro-nutrients that required for optimal function of the endocrine system. Pine pollen can be a great substitute of cheap multivitamins. It will enhance your mood naturally. After knowing all these benefits, you may want to have some pine pollen powder. Here we have gathered some best pine pollen powder products that have good positive reviews by customers who already consumed them. You can simply check them out for price and reviews and buy from online.

We have found these pine pollen powder brands that you can buy from different countries like USA, United Kingdom (UK), Canada and Australia. Simply check country specific button and get your product. Depending on country, you may find different brands but they are definitely great products too. 

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  1. Pine Pollen Powder Wild Harvested by Samsara Herbs

Samsara Herbs brings this wild crafted pine pollen powder which is pure and free from chemicals and pesticides. This pollen powder contains 99% cracked cell wall. The pack comes with a measuring scoop. There are 3 different pack sizes are available: 2 Oz, 4 Oz and 8 Oz.

  1. Pine Pollen Powder by Lost Empire Herbs

This is another 100% pure pine pollen powder by Lost Empire herbs. This powder does not contain any additives such as gluten, sugar, GMO, preservatives or artificial flavors. This pollen powder is loaded with antioxidants such as amino acid, vitamins minerals, nucleic acids and enzymes. The pack size is 50 grams.

  1. Wild Harvested Pine Pollen Powder by The Right Herb Company

This one is also good in quality with 99% cracked cell wall. Pollen powder acts as anti-aging and anti-inflammatory component for your body. There are two different size of packets;  1 with 100  grams and other one is one kilogram. So if you need to buy pollen powder in bulk you can take the pack of 1 kilogram.

  1. ECO-TASTE’s Pine Pollen Powder

This concentrate pine pollen powder is 99% cracked cell wall, vegan and non-GMO. The pack contain 170 grams of powder. Use this powder to supercharge and boost your health. Pine pollen powder contains Amino acids, minerals, fatty acids, vitamins, flavonoids, dietary fiber, Coenzyme and Nucleic acid.

  1. Organic Pine Pollen Powder 33g by Sun Potion

This USA made power is organic and guaranteed in quality. This is single origin, high-altitude, cracked cell wall Mason Pine Pollen, collected in Yunnan Province of China. Comes in a plastic jar of 33 grams.

Pine Pollen Powder Benefits

This organic powder has many benefits. It is good for the immune system and much more. Here are a few health benefits of this powder.

  • Immune System: 

Pine pollen powder is full of nutritious value. It has many vitamins and minerals. It is full of protein and fatty acids. They are great for your body’s natural defenses. It also contains carbohydrates and minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Pine pollen also contains vitamins such as B and E. It can help reducing your skin rashes and cracks. Also can improve your cellular health. Pine pollen increases energy levels. If you have a gut related issues, then pine pollen can definitely help.

Pine pollen can also improve your healthy brain function. It is also good for your digestion.

  • Anti-ageing: 

Pine pollen has a powerful anti-ageing effect. It can keep your skin more soft and healthy. It can slow down your process of ageing in your skin. As a result, you may look much younger than ever. Pine pollen can also be good for your hair as well.

  • Eyesight: 

Because of vitamin B pine pollen can also improve your eyesight as well. If you have an eyesight related issue, then pine pollen can definitely help.

  • Heart Health: 

Many studies have showed that pine pollen is good for your heart health. It can protect your heart from various diseases. It can reduce your cholesterol levels and keep your heart beating normally.

Pine pollen is also very effective at reducing your blood sugar levels. This is very good for patients with diabetics. 

  • Anti-oxidant: 

Pine pollen is a powerful anti-oxidant. This can protect your body from free radical damage. It can also prevent ageing and cancer. Pine pollen also has a strong anti-inflammation effect.

  • Testosterone: 

According to many studies pine pollen can boost your Testosterone levels. With the help of pine pollen you can now do more physical work without getting tired.

  • Arthritis: 

Some studies suggest that pine pollen can improve your arthritis related issues. [1] One study on mice showed this result. It can also reduce your chances of having cancer. So if you are suffering from arthritis then you can rely on pine polls.

  • Fatigue: 

Pine pollen can also reduce fatigue and stress. Stress and fatigue can become quite a hindrance especially if you’re at work. So if you want a solution then pine pollen can help.

Pine pollen has many health beneficial qualities. However, it also has many side effects. Here are some side effects of pine pollen that you should be aware of.   

Pine Pollen Powder Side Effects

Too Much Testosterone

While testosterone is good for your body, too much of it can cause a lot of trouble. If you have too much testosterone, then some of the following problems can occur among males.

  • It can cause enlarged prostate for males, which could be very troublesome.
  • You can face certain heart related issues such as, damage to your heart muscle.
  • One of the things that is extremely damaging is high blood pressure. If you are a patient of high blood pressure, then you can even be in the risk of heart failure.
  • Our livers are extremely important. Too much testosterone can also lead to various liver diseases.
  • It can cause serious sleep related issues. You can face insomnia or various other types of lack of sleep.
  • Testosterone can also be very bad for your skin. If you are not too careful it can cause various skin conditions such as acne.
  • Testosterone can also lead to aggressive behavior which may not always be a good idea.

Allergic Reaction

Pine pollen can also have various allergic reactions. Here are some examples.

  • It can cause runny nose or nasal congestion.
  • It can also cause postnasal drip.
  • You can face severe sneezing.
  • Your eyes may face various issues. Such as being itchy or watery.
  • You can also face a certain wheezing effect.

You can also face other issues which can cause a life damaging condition known as anaphylaxis. Here are some examples

  • You can face up to wheezing or trouble breathing.
  • Can end up swallowing your tongue and throat.
  • You can also face itchy hives.
  • Skin can end up being clammy or pale.
  • It could face low blood pressure.
  • There can be feelings of dizziness.
  • You could faint very easily.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

How to Recognize Pine Pollen Powder?

Pine pollen has various benefits. However, before you use them make sure you actually have the pure powder. This powders usually have a fine yellow texture.  Make sure this powder is yellow and not in other colors. 

What is pine pollen powder?

It is a natural supplement made from the pollen of pine trees. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, and has been traditionally used for its health benefits.

Where does pine pollen powder come from?

This powder is made from the pollen of pine trees. The pollen is collected from the cones of the pine trees and then ground into a powder. The powder can be used as a dietary supplement or as a topical treatment for skin conditions.

What are the benefits of pine pollen powder?

This powder is a natural supplement that has a wide range of benefits. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants and can help to boost energy levels, improve stamina, and promote a sense of well-being. Also, it can help to improve digestion and detoxify the body.

How do I use pine pollen powder?

This is a great way to add extra nutrients to your diet. You can add it to smoothies, juices, or simply mix it with water. It is also a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

What does pine pollen powder taste like?

It has a nutty, sweet, and slightly bitter taste. It is often used as a natural sweetener in foods and beverages.

Can I cook with pine pollen powder?

Yes, you can cook with this organic powder. You can add it to smoothies, soups, and other recipes.

What are some tips for using organic pine pollen powder?

There are a few things to keep in mind when using this powder:

  • Start with a small amount and gradually increase as needed. This will help you gauge your tolerance and avoid any unpleasant side effects.
  • Mix the powder with a liquid or food to make it more palatable. It can have a strong taste, so mixing it with something else can make it more palatable.
  • Store the powder in a cool, dry place. Heat and moisture can cause the powder to deteriorate, so it’s best to store it in a cool, dry place.

How should I store organic pine pollen powder?

You can be stored this powder in a cool, dry place in an airtight container.

Final Word:

There are a lot of products on the market that claim to be the best organic pine pollen powder, but not all of them are created equal. We‘ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the five best organic pine pollen powders available, based on quality, price, and customer reviews.