Top 5 Best Omega Supplements for Dogs Reviews

Omega 3 fatty acids are molecules which consist of a chain of carbon atoms with an oxygen double bonded and a hydroxyl group single bonded at one end.

Your dog cannot produce these acids but they have a dietary need for them. Many foods contain these acids such as fish and different types of oil.

This can improves the condition of both skin and coat of your dog. It can Boosts energy and joint health. It can balance the properties of omega-6 fatty acids etc.

After checking reviews and ratings, we have prepared this list of best omega supplements for dogs. We believe these supplements may help your dog in a number of ways.

  1. Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil by Zesty Paws

This Salmon oil is a natural fish oil additive supplement with vital nutrients.  It supports the skin, coat, hips and joints, heart, and immune system of your dog.

This oil contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid from EPA and DHA. It keeps the skin and coats soft and healthy while also supporting the health of your dog.

This oil supports joint, heart, and immune function to keep your dog feeling lively and active.

Using this is very easy. You can easily mix this with your dog’s food. Most dogs whether it is small, medium or large loves it. It is also great for your dog’s heart.

  1. Omega 3 Pet Soft Gels by Nordic Naturals

This bottle comes with 180 soft gels. This soft gel is a great source of the important omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These fatty acids help the skin and coat of your dog. This oil also supports your dog’s joint and heart.

It boosts the immune system of your dog. It also improves your dog’s cellular health, and brain. This oil even helps support the brain and eye development of your dog.

These fish oil is crafted from wild-caught, omega-rich fish. It is caught from the freshest catch. It is also sourced from the cleanest waters. These pills do not contain any harmful chemicals or added colors.

  1. Max Omega 3 Soft Chews for Pets by Mighty Petz

This product comes with 60 soft chews. These chews are great for your dog’s hair. Your dog’s hair will likely grow back thicker, stronger with the coat looking glossy, silky and soft.

These chews also give your dog the energy it needs. These chews contain 54,000 mg of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) per 1 lbs. jar. This chews have a delicious taste. You can give it to them independently or you can simply mix it with his food.

These chews help support your dog’s immune system. It helps your dog’s body fight against different types of diseases by making its immune system stronger.

  1. Omega 3-6-9 Select Fish Oil for Dogs by Project Paws

This product contains 60 soft chews. These chews provide an unparalleled boost to your dog’s health in a natural and sustainable way. They are delicious and contain the perfect ratio of omega 3, 6, 9 essential fatty acids.

These chews have Concentrated source of Phospholipid bound omega 3 fatty acids for superior bio-availability which contains the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthan.

The nutrients in this chews supports your dog’s skin and coat. It also supports your dog’s joint, heart, immune system, and cellular health. This chews also acts as an anti-inflammatory which reduce allergies, dandruff and hot spots.

  1. Omega 3-6-9 by Vita Pet Life

This bottle comes with 120 chews. This formula can help your dog to relieve its dry and itchy skin and it also contains Vitamin E. It is a powerful antioxidant that supports your dog’s immune system and enhances it.

These chews contain no wheat, corn, maltodextrin, animal digest, grains, soy, egg, potato, gluten, or avocado. This formula provides a holistic nutritional boost for both small and large breeds of dogs.

These chews can help treat coat conditions, itchy or flaky skin and hot spots. It can also protect your dog’s heart and immune system.

So you can see that Omega 3 supplement for dogs is essential when they are not getting enough naturally from food. If your dog is having deficiency of omega, then you can consider any of these supplements.