Top 5 Best Nose Butter for Dogs Reviews

A dry nose can cause a lot of problems for your dogs. Nose is very important for dogs. They need to smell and do many different types of activity that relies on their nose. If they have a dry nose it becomes a lot more difficult.

Nose butter or balm for your dog is so important. It can help your dog with dry nose.  They can be happier with the use of nose butter.

If you want to get nose balm or butter for your dog which should be good in quality, we have found something for your dog. Here is the list of best nose butter for dogs.

  1. Nose Butter by The Blissful Dog

This is the cheapest product in the list. This is a 1-ounce product. This product can easily moisturize your dog’s nose. This product is available in 70 dog breed labels.

It can help your dog’s nose to be less dry. It contains all natural ingredients like Shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, olive oil, beeswax, and cocoa seed butter etc.

This product is unscented. The customers have said that this product works. Many have praised the product’s effectiveness and how quickly it worked.

  1. Organic Snout Soother by Natural Dog Company

This nose butter comes with 30 ml. It contains natural SPF sunburn protection. It also soothes natural dry or cracked noses.

This product includes Organic hempseed oil, organic Shea butter, organic grape seed oil, organic jojoba, organic coconut oil, kukui oil, natural vitamin E, candelila wax, chamomile, rosemary extract etc.

This product can help your dog’s dryness. It’s easy to use simply rub it off your dog’s nose. The customers have said this product works and it has worked very quickly.

  1. Natural Nose Butter for Dogs by Snout Magic

This product comes with 2 oz organic nose butter. It is a lot cheaper than the previous product. It was made in the USA. This product can applied on your dog’s nose and it can also be applied to their paws.

The formula has organic coconut oil for your dog’s nose. This product has a money back guarantee much like the previous one. Your dog’s skin benefits a great deal from this.

Customers loved this product. It has solved the snotty nose of many dogs. According to one customer this product didn’t work for his dog but other than that this product has received mostly positive reviews.

  1. Dog Nose Balm by Nozzle Nectar

This product comes with 2 oz. of nose balm which is very effective against cracked noses. You can also use this balm for your cats as well. This is a USA made product.

The formula contains botanical wax, organic safflower oil, soy, cocoa butter, avocado oil, sustainable red palm, Shea butter, vitamin E etc.

Many customers like the product. One customer said the company had excellent customer service. This product also works on 7-year-old pugs as well as older ones.

  1. Shea butter for dogs by Lloyd and Lucy’s Pet Supplies

This product contains 68 ml of balm. This is a 5 in bottle of butter balm. This is great for your dog’s dry skin and nose. It is the most expensive product in the list.

This product is great for pain and it can very effectively repair your dog’s damaged skin. It comes with a full refund promise. It is very effective against itching, burning and cracking skin of dogs.

Most customers have said this product has helped them a great deal. One customer said it has helped his dog’s dry nose. Others have said this product helped their dog’s cracked nose quickly.

List of these five nose butter or balms are all unique. They have a great value and they can do wonders for dogs with dry nose.

So if you are a dog owner looking for nose butter, then these products are highly recommended.