Top 5 Best Eye Lubricant for Dogs Reviews

If your dog is suffering from eye dryness or other eye related problems, then eye lubricant might be a big help. The sterile eye drops and ointment are designed to provide quick relief.

It helps reduce irritation in your dog. Your dog may suffer from Dry eye syndrome medically known as Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS). It is common in dogs; especially in older dogs.
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Because of this your dog may suffer irritation, discomfort, swelling, discharge and tear stains on the fur. Lubricating your pet’s eyes with artificial tears relieves dryness and discomfort.

Lubricating eye drops for dogs can keep their eyes moist. You can choose sterile lubricant eye drops with 1.4% polyvinyl alcohol or a lubricating ointment. They contain 15% mineral oil and 83% white petrolatum.

We have reviewed some best eye lubricant for dogs and cats that you can buy from USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Best Over-The-Counter Eye Lubricant for Dogs and Cats – Get them from USA, UK, Canada & Australia

  1. Vetericyn Plus by Vetericyn

This eye gel provides safe and effective relief for your pet’s eye irritation or wounds. This eye gel is antibiotic-free and non-toxic.

It is approved for use on all animals, from cats and dogs to horses and livestock. It is completely pain free. You can apply the gel to affected eyes 1-2 times per day as needed.

This gel is specially formulated so it won’t burn or sting. It can also be used on animals from young to old. You can also use it as part of regular pet care to prevent eye issues.

  1. I Drop Vet Plus Eye Lubricant by I-Med Pharma

This drop offers longer ocular surface residence for your dog. It reduces a number of daily applications. So you won’t have to use this drop too often.

This is a viscoadaptive clear solution with 0.25% hyaluronan. This drop works great with Shih Tzu dogs. It can help reduce dirt from the dog’s eye which keeps the eye safe.

The eye drop is nontoxic. It does not contain any harmful chemicals that may harm your dog. If your dog has bacterial infection then it can be a great help as well.

  1. Pet Eye Lube Plus by OptixCare

This is a great eye improving agent. It can help improve the eye condition of your dog effectively. It provides long lasting comfort to dry, itchy and irritated eyes.

This eye lube also supports long lasting corneal protection and hydration. You can use this as adjunctive support in dry eye or keratoconjunctivitissica or KCS and as an eye lubricant during anesthesia. This works great on pugs. Specially pugs with dry eye with pigmentary keratitis.

This lube is also effective in dogs with greening gunk in the eyes. It can help clear out their eyes. This lube can be used on dogs, cats and horses.

  1. I-Drop Vet GEL by I-Med Pharma

This eye drop is a great lubricating solution for companion animals suffering from ocular surface disorders. With this you can brings immediate and lasting relief with every blink.

This eye drop has a unique formulation which continually refreshes your dog’s eye. This eye drop stabilizes the tear film, also provides superior comfort.

It comes in multi-dose. This eye drop provides a preservative-free delivery system. This is sold in a 10 ml sterile multi-dose.

  1. Optixcare Pet Eye Lube Lubricant for Dogs & Cats by Aventix

This comes with 20 g of lubricant that helps maintain moisture to the eye of your pets. This is a moisturizing ophthalmic lubricant in a carbomer gel.

The gel swells in the presence of tears and changes the consistency to a clear, water-like suspension over the surface of the eye. This causes the gel to cling to the surface of the eye and ease your pet’s dry eye discomfort.

So as you can see this eye lubricants for dogs are very useful. So if your dog is suffering from eye dryness or other eye related problems then these lubricants are highly recommended.

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