Top 5 Best Blank Flash Cards With Binder Rings Reviews

Blank flash cards are being used in many purposed. They can be used in office purposes. If you are learning any new language, you can use them to learn new words. These can be used for class assignments, for playing with kids etc. For keeping flash or index cards more organized, some cards are featured with hole punched to use rings to keep them together.

Here we have listed some best quality blank flash cards with rings.

  1. Small Blank Study Flash Cards with Metal Binder Rings by Debra Dale Designs

There are total 1,100 blank cards which are white in color and single hole punched. You will get these cards in a sturdy box with Lid for easy and safe carrying. Cards size is 3.5 by 2 inch. These index cards are smooth and with good thickness. So, there will not be ink bleed during writing. For keep them more organized, you will get 5 metal binder rings. Cards are made in the USA.

  1. Mini Flash Cards with Ring by CGDJ

The size of this mini index cards are 1.25 by 2.5 inch (30 x 65 mm). There are printed gridlines for easy writing. Each pack contains total 4 set of cards totaling 320 cards. Cards come with large hole and 4 binder rings.

  1. Mini Blank Flash Cards with Binder Rings by word cards

There are total 640 cards in 8 decks. Each card size is 1.25 by 2.5 inches. The thickness of these cards is good and ensures no ink bleed through them. For each deck, there are metal binder rings.

  1. Multicolor Index Cards with Ring by Koogel

These index cards come with 6 Different colors so can make special mark according to their colors. Total 300 pieces of cards and size of each card is 2.2 x 3.5 inches. That means 50 cards for a color. For each color, there is a stainless steel bender rings for keeping them together.

  1. Kraft Paper Flash Card with 4 Binder Rings by Rancco

This pack includes 200 index cards of 4 set with 4 Colors with 50 sheets per set. Every set has single hole punched with one stainless steel binder ring. The size of card is 9 * 5.5 cm. Great for notes and studying, can be used to DIY greeting cards or bookmarking.