Top 5 Best Weight Gainer For Dogs Reviews

If you are a dog owner, then you know seeing your dog lose weight is the most painful feeling. Dogs also often lose weight after surgery. Dogs can also sometimes be a picky eater and it can cause them to lose weight.

Losing dogs weight is not a good sign. It could make them weaker. It could weaken their immune system. As a result, they could easily get sick.

Weight loss can also cause them to be always tired. They may not be lively or play as much.

We have gone through a bunch of products that promote weight for dogs; we have found the best weight gainer for dogs. They are highly recommended and listed below. However before giving those to your dog always consult with your vet.

  1. Mass Weight Gainer for Dogs by MVP K9 Supplements

This is the most expensive product in the list. The black jar contains 90 servings. This product contains 28% protein. It also has 50% healthy fat. It also has 18 BCCAs.

This product is great for your dog’s muscle growth and made in the USA. This product can help your dog be more energetic and playful.

Many customers have said this product has helped their skinny dog. One customer said their dog used to be 60 lb but now she weighs around 106 lb.

  1. Dry Dog Food with Weight Management by Hill’s Science Diet

This product is a bit cheaper than the previous one. It comes with a great chicken flavor and has a great taste. This is a 15 lb product. This chews can help maintain your dog’s weight.

This product is often recommended by vets. It is made in the USA. It does not have any artificial flavors or colors or any type of harmful chemicals.

Most customers have praised this product. Some have said it helps their dog’s weight balance. Others have said their dog loves this food and the flavor compared to other dog food.

  1. Weight Gainer for Dogs by Buddy & Lola

This product is also made in the USA. It contains 90 servings. This comes with maple bacon flavor. It has 29% protein, 43% healthy fat, 18% BCCA’s and much more.

It can help your dog gain muscle and energy. This product is great for picky eaters because of its delicious flavor. This product helps your dog’s ATP level.

Many customers have said their dog’s condition has much improved since giving this to them. Others have said this product helped gain muscle in their picky eater dog.

  1. Healthy Weight Formula by Purina One

This product is a lot cheaper than the previous product. It comes in a 31.1 lb bag. It contains less fat than most other products in the market.

This product was made in the USA and great for small breeds. This product is low in protein. You can use this as a dry food or by other means.

One customer said his dogs love the taste of this brand. Another customer has said her picky dog likes to eat this brand and it has helped her dog’s allergy.

  1. Grain-Free Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food by Merrick

This is the cheapest product in the list. It is completely grain free and has a 55% protein and healthy fat ingredients. This has 45% fiber vitamins and minerals.

This product can help your dog’s skin and coat. It contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This product has the highest quality of protein.

The customers love this product. One customer has said that “This is the best dry food out there.” Others have said it has helped their dogs gain more weight.

So as you can see these products are each unique and has many health benefits. So if you are looking for something to help you dog gain or maintain their weight, then these products we are recommending.