Top 5 Best Probiotic Supplements For Dogs Reviews

Dogs need to be carefully tended for. They often times need a lot of vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. As dog owners it is our responsibility to make sure they have the vitamins and minerals they need.  

Probiotics are very good for your dog. It contains live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your dog especially for their digestive system.

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Which is why after spending hours, we have finally found the five best probiotic supplements for dogs that we highly recommend. You can buy them from USA, United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Australia and other countries through online store.

List of Best Probiotic For Dogs You Should Check

1. Probiotic Premium Plus by PetVitalityPRO

This probiotic supplement is the cheapest in the list. It comes with 60 soft chews and has a great duck flavor. It is non-GMO. This product does not need to be put into a refrigerator.

These chews are very effective against yeast infection. These do not have any harmful chemicals. This chews are also dairy-free and made in the USA. Most other customers have praised the product and said it has helped their dog.

2. Probiotic for Dogs by Zesty Paws

This product contains 90 soft chews. It contains 12.7 oz. The chews come in a delicious pumpkin flavor. It has a six strain probiotic blend. The chews contain Ganeden BC30.

These chews can help your dog’s digestive parts. The formula also contains papaya. It is a natural ingredient that helps the dog’s stomach break down antioxidants.

The customers have said this is among the best brand. Some have said this probiotic has helped their dog’s diarrhea. Another customer has said this helped their dog’s itchy or runny eyes.

3. Probiotic Supplements for Dog by NUSENTIA

This product comes with 360 scoops (360 servings per jar). This is the most expensive product in the list. It has over 360 billion CFU of probiotics in each jar. This product is made in the USA.

It can help fight loose stool, yeast overgrowth, diarrhea, constipation, bad breath, itching and scratching. It is also effective against allergies, digestive issues and gut related diseases.

One customer has said that the formula is good. However, the new formula has caused her dog to have gas. Another customer has said this product has helped their dog with its gas issue. Overall the customers have given this product a positive feedback.

4. Vetri Mega Probiotic by VetriScience Laboratories

This product is very cheap. It contains 120 capsules. It provides Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and viable naturally occurring microorganism. These pills can help fight allergies. 

These pills are great for your fury friend’s digestion. These capsules can provide neurological support. If your dog is facing gas or bloating related problems, then these pills may help.

Some customers have said these pills have helped their dog against GI (Gastrointestinal) tract issues. Other customers have praised the product for being able to stop allergy reactions.

5. Probiotic Joint by Amazing Nutritionals

This product comes with 120 chews. This product is made in USA. This probiotic are beef and bacon flavored. This product is safe and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

It has vitamins and Omega 3 fish oil salmon. This product also doesn’t have any product that can cause allergy reactions. It comes with a money back guarantee.

This supplement brand has received mostly positive feedback from customers. One customer said this product has helped her dog’s back and hip pain.

So as you can see these products are great for your dog. Probiotic supplements can help their digestion. It also can fight against allergy and much more.

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Hope you will like these highly recommended probiotic supplements for your dogs. However before giving any of those to your dog, you can consult with your vet.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Probiotics for Dogs

How safe are probiotics for dogs?

Probiotics are very safe for your dogs. Actually probiotics are very good for your dog especially for dog’s health. Probiotic contains bacteria that helps to grow other gut-friendly micro organisms in the colon. This also helps improving the digestion system of your dog. If your dog has diarrhea or infection issues, then probiotic acts as magic. So, you just need to get the best probiotics for dogs.

Does probiotics help dog from itching?

Itching can causes from common allergies. Depending on the type of allergy that causes this skin irritation, veterinarians typically recommend hydro-cortisone, antihistamines or a combination of medications. Unfortunately, these medications only treat the symptoms. They actually do not work on the source of the allergy.

Probiotics actively helps soothing for dogs suffering skin allergies by restoring balance to bacteria levels in the GI (Gastrointestinal) tract which can promptly and significantly improve the immune system more functional.

Does probiotics help to reduce bloat in dogs?

Yes, if you get probiotics which are best in quality for dogs, then it should solve the most digestive issues including bloating.

Like humans, dog also got the gut which is the largest immune organ in their body and it contains about 70% of its immune cells. And this gut contains bacteria which are both good and bad. If the gut contains too much bad bacteria, then it causes health issues with your dog. You should simply add probiotics to your dog food or feed him/her probiotic supplements and you will see the good result.