Top 5 Best Organic Stinging Nettle Tea Reviews

Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is being as herbal medicine since ancient times. Egyptians in ancient times used stinging nettle to treat arthritis and lower back pain, and Roman troops rubbed it on themselves to help stay warm. The scientific name Urtica dioica comes from the Latin word uro, that means “to burn,” Because it has a temporary burning effect.

The leaves have hair-like structures that can produce itching, redness and swelling. However, once you process it into a supplement, dried, freeze-dried or cooked, stinging nettle can be safely consumed. Studies can link it to a number of potential health benefits. It is full of nutrients and has antioxidant properties.

Tea made from stinging nettle is full of so many health benefits that we can’t recommend them enough. So here is a list of five best nettle tea brands that we highly recommend. We also found some premium quality brands from United Kingdom (UK), Canada and Australia.

Stinging Nettle Tea Brands from USA, UK, Canada & Australia

  1. Organic Nettle Leaf Tea Bags by Traditional Medicinal

It is known to to support joint health. It is a Non-GMO verified; All Ingredients Certified Organic; Kosher product. This is a fully herbal Supplement. One of the highest quality, pharmacopoeial grade herbs. It is very pleasantly refreshing; it is hay-like and slightly bitter.

These organic tea leaves come in a case of six boxes and each box containing 16 sealed tea bags (96 total tea bags). This tea is spicy and soothing. It gets the digestive juices flowing; it relieves occasional indigestion and prevents nausea associated with motion.

  1. Stinging Nettle Tea Leaves by U.S. Wellness Naturals

These cut and sifted nettle leaves are perfect for making nettle tea from your own home; all you need is a strainer and plethora of nettle tea. This leaf tea is safely stored in multi-layered gas barrier bag and helps to maintain all of the key nutrients and health benefits.

This product is fully organic. It was grown and harvested in Egypt. It is packed by hand in the USA, at an Department of Agriculture certified organic packing facility in Cleveland, OH; Quality and standards are maintained carefully and also it is traceability and organic integrity certified.

This supersized one-pound bag means you’ll have enough tea for morning, afternoon, and evening. This re-sealable bag saves time and your shipping money, while allowing you to enjoy the tea of the highest quality.

Stinging nettle was used as a natural remedy for many centuries; People often have sung its praises for conditions such as eczema, arthritis, and even hay fever. Stinging nettle, also doesn’t sting anymore after it has been dried. It is a wonderful herb.

  1. Organic Nettle Leaf By Frontier 

This is a high-quality organic product with a faint, yet herbaceous aroma. Its flavors are pleasant and herbaceous, with a slightly bitter, slightly salty taste. Nettle is often used in food, traditional remedies, as a fiber source, a dye plant and a rejuvenating spring tonic. This bulk stinging nettle leaf is kosher certified and non-irradiated. It comes in a 1-pound bag.

This may help with your sinus issues. Nettle is a natural diuretic and a great kidney flush with potassium and other great minerals left behind to make you feel better.

  1. Organic Nettle Leaf Tea by Starwest Botanicals

This is a USDA certified organic product. The Latin/Botanical Name is Urtica dioica. This product comes from Bulgaria. This product is Certified Organic by QAI – In accordance with the USDA National Organic Program Guidelines. It is also Kosher Certified by Kosher Certification Services CGMP Compliant (current Good Manufacturing Practices). It also helps with your joint pains. The leaves are nicely cut and dried for use.

  1. Organic Stinging Nettle Tea Bags by Buddha Teas

This tea is rich in vitamin A, C, E, K, D, and B vitamins, It Has copper, iron, potassium, sulfur, zinc and boron. It is also a natural source of antioxidants and protein. This has no caffeine; It is fully Kosher and Organic. This product is GMO-Free and Gluten-Free as well. No artificial colors, preservatives or additives were used in this. This tea was naturally sourced from Croatia and Bulgaria. These tea bags come in a bleach-free biodegradable tea bag.

You might be surprised to know that nettle leaves have been used in cooking for thousands of years, and it creates a high-quality herbal tea. It is rich in the essential vitamins & Minerals. It is a natural source of protein. It’s a natural source of antioxidants. It comes with 18 bleach free tea bags.

You need fresh water for brewing a great cup of tea. You can use one teabag per cup of boiling water. Then Cover and steep for 3 to 6 minutes, remove tea bag and enjoy the tea or as directed by your healthcare professional. Keep this out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements, talk to your healthcare professional before use.

So, as you can see, we can’t recommend these five tea brands enough. It is healthy and delicious and great for your family.

Where to Buy Nettle Tea

Stinging nettle loose leaf or tea bags might not be available near your store. But if you want to buy them from online, we have suggested above mentioned list from where you can find premium and best quality brands of nettle tea. This is the list from where you can choose either nettle loose leave or tea bags whichever easy for you to prepare your tea.