Top 5 Best Organic Dried Turkish Apricot Reviews

Fresh Turkish apricots are a very healthy fruit. There are many health benefits of dried apricots. Although the drying process can degrades the fruit’s content of water-soluble and heat-sensitive vitamins like the vitamin C or other nutrients become more concentrated. However, dried apricots and prunes also have higher levels of most nutrients, ounce for ounce, than their usual fresh counterparts. Below are five best organic dried Turkish apricots which we highly recommend.

  1. Organic Dried Turkish by Hanna And Sarah

These apricots are well protected in a resealable bag from germs and dirt. These are fresh picked healthy snacks. They are 100% organic and were dried in the sun; it also possesses a natural taste.  No sulphur or harmful chemicals were used in this product. That means these are totally organic unsulphured dried apricots.  It’s a 2 lb bag.

  1. Organic Turkish Apricots by Wild And Raw

This is a gluten free sun dried apricot. These are all healthy and sulfur free safe to eat. It can be used on ice cream or other deserts. Comes in a safe resealable bag which protects the apricots from dirt and other harmful things. It’s Great Source of Fiber, Antioxidants, Potassium and Magnesium. No Sugar is added here.

  1. Dried Apricots by Naturebox

This bag contains 4 bags of Turkish apricots. This is a completely vegan friendly product. The apricots are full of important and necessary nutrients. This product comes in a perfect size that you can use on the go for snacking or entertaining, college care packages, traveling, camping or for gifts and many other things. This is a Non GMO, vegan, paleo friendly, low-fat, low-sodium, no added sugar and most importantly no artificial flavors or colors of any kind. These are sulfite free dried apricots without preservatives. It has no harmful chemical it is fully safe to eat. You can use this on any kind of other foods like yogurt or ice cream.

  1. Dried Apricots by Nuts U.S

This product comes to us from the U.S. These are premium quality soft and tasty Turkish apricots. This is a size 1, 2lb jumbo sized product. This is packed in a sealed and resealable pouch bags. The product is also koshered. These apricots have a vivid color and great taste. It is chewy and healthy to eat. These apricots are naturally sweet; no added sugar is in this. The bags are very secure and they protect the apricots from dust and germ.

  1. Jumbo Turkish Dried Apricots by Indus Organics

This is a 1 lb bag. It has no added sugar. This is a premium grade and freshly packed. These dried apricots without sulfur dioxide and organic. They are very healthy and tasty to eat. It doesn’t have any added harmful chemicals. No preservatives are used in this product. These apricots will enhance the taste of any desert where fruit is called for. They can be used in smoothie or protein shakes. It can also be used in salads if you are looking for different tastes. It can be used in ice cream among many other places to enhance the taste.

Where to Buy Dried Apricots

We received some questions about where to buy dried apricots. Here we will try to guide you about these questions.

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Where to buy dried apricots? Where can i buy apricots? Where to buy apricots? Where can i buy dried apricots?

Okay, we already suggested some Turkish dried apricots that are best in online for sale not because of the quality only but also earned trust from customers who already used them. You can simply check the reviews and comments for each of the product we recommended.  But if you think you can get it best from any store near you, we really appreciate you to get it from there.