Top 5 Best Hemp Chews for Dogs Reviews

Chews come in many different flavors for dogs. However, recently health benefits of hemp are becoming more familiar. Hemp has many health benefits for dogs.

We’ve searched over many products and found five best hemp chews for dogs that you would definitely love.  However before taking them for your pet, we suggest you to consult with your vet.

  1. Hemp Chews for Dogs by Pets Primal

This is the most expensive product on the list. It contains 120 soft chews. It contains glucosamine chondroitin, MSM, Turmeric and Organic Hemp Oil.

These chews are great for your dog’s mobility. It contains 264 grams. This has a delicious duck flavor. It contains fatty acids, and protein. They can boost the dog’s skin and coat health.

This product received mostly positive reaction from customers. Most have said it has worked for them. Some have said their dog’s loved the taste.

  1. Organic Calm Hemp Treats for Dogs by Moe’s Organics

This product is a lot cheaper than the previous one. It also contains 120 soft chews; they are chicken flavor. It contains 480 grams of chews.  These chews are great against anxiety and stress.

Your dog may become more calm and relaxed after taking these. It is made from fully natural ingredients. These chews do not contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients.

Many customers are happy with this product. It is great for older dogs. Customers have reported that their dogs are calmer now. They have also said it has been great for their mobility.

  1. Hemp Oil Infused Soft Chews Dog Treats by 100 Paws

This product is much cheaper than the previous two. However, it contains the same amount of chews. The formula contains Turmeric, Chondroitin, MSM & Omega 3 6 9.

These chews also have the health benefits of Hemp seed oil, Chondroitin Sulfate, vitamin C, ginger root, and BioPerine. This product is made in the USA.

Many customers have given this product glowing reviews. Some also have said these chews have helped their dogs against dysplasia. It has also helped many dogs get better sleep according to some reviews.

  1. Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs by Pawlife

This product contains 264 grams and 120 soft chews. It has a delicious duck flavor. This product is among the cheapest the list. So if you are short on budget these last two products are something to look out for.

It is made from all natural ingredients and has no harmful chemicals. It is safe and good for dogs with nervous behavior. However, it is also good for dog’s that are easily anxious.

Customers seem mostly happy with the product. One customer has said that this product did not help his puppy. However he was later satisfied because the company has reached out to him to try different products.

  1. True Hemp Supplement Chews by True Leaf Pet

This is the cheapest product in the list. It only has 200g. These chews support normal and healthy brain activity. It also contains omega 3 fatty acids.

Your dog may have a better healthy brain activity. It can also help your dog get better nerve function. The formula contains L-Theanine. It also has chamomile and lemon balm.

They can help maintain normal emotional balance in your dog. The customers are mostly happy with the product.

So as you can see these chew brands are all unique. They also have great qualities. These products are just what you need. They are both healthy and delicious.